Journal articles

Portrait image of Pip Mason.

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Promoting Safer Drinking in General Practice
Health Education Journal, Vol 50, No 4

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The Case for Community-Based Generic Workers
New Directions in the Study of Alcohol, No 18, February

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Counselling Skills and the Prevention of Alcohol Problems
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MASON P (1993)
Comments on Wallack's editorial 'Warning: the alcohol industry is not your friend?'
Addiction 88, 9-24

Adding value for early client contact
New Directions in the Study of Alcohol, May 1994

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Alcohol counsellors in general practice, what effect can they have on the work of the practice team?
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Alcohol counselling services in general practice (part II): who uses them and how?
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Mason P (2012)
The secret life of a trainer
New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Journal