Team Review and Planning

Photograph of participants at a training course.

Does your team want to take time out to get to know each other better, think about their work and actively plan how to meet future challenges? Do you feel you could all participate more actively with the help of an experienced and lively facilitator?

I can plan and facilitate your 'away-day' or even 'away-week' helping you to achieve your aims in an informal yet structured way.

A newly formed, multi-disciplinary team was created to run community alcohol services in the West Midlands, UK. They needed to establish a framework for utilising each other's strengths, to provide a dynamic and professional service. They were excited yet apprehensive about the work involved. They arranged to spend a week together and I facilitated rapport building, problem solving and action planning as well as arranging an outside speaker to advise on particular aspects of the service.

The Deputy Director of Aquarius who commissioned this piece of work said:

"The 'team review' for this new multi-disciplinary team established a culture of team working and trust. Pip facilitated the sessions well and was very responsive to individual and organisations needs. Pip's input was essential to the successful working of the team."