Commissioned Training

Where there are several people or a whole team requiring training we are often asked to bring a trainer in to run the course in-house rather than for the organisation to send everyone to an open course. This has the following advantages.

  • It may be cheaper
  • Course participants do not have the inconvenience of travelling to a venue away from their normal workplace
  • The course can be designed to meet the team's specific needs.

Where such an arrangement suits the organisation we normally agree that the customer, provides a venue, refreshments and audio visual equipment, and photocopies training materials from master copies that we provide. Pip Mason Consultancy provides the trainer and certificates of attendance. For more advanced courses, assignments may be given to participants as summative assessments towards a certificate of competence. Marking of these is costed into the agreed price.

Commissioned courses can be arranged for weekdays or weekends to suit, subject to trainer availability.