How do we know when someone is doing MI properly?

This is a question that researchers have long needed to answer and more recently one in which supervisors, coaches and trainers have taken an interest.

Coding systems have been developed whereby a piece of work can be analysed and then assessed against objective criteria, identifying certain features of the consultation, particularly the counsellor’s speech and responses to particular types of client utterance.

Sounds complicated? Yes it is rather but people can be trained to do it. In 2008 I trained to use MITI 3 (Motivational interviewing treatment integrity coding system mark 3) and have ever since been using it to assess assignments on our Advanced Motivational Interviewing courses.

 MITI 4 has now been developed improving on MITI 3. There have been substantial revisions both to behavior counts and to global ratings. The first training workshop in the UK is next June and I have booked a place. MITI developers Denise Ernst and Terri Moyers are coming over from the US to teach it. So future delegates on our Advanced courses will have their work assessed technically according to the most up to date methods available.

However we also assess each assignment in a more traditional narrative way and give detailed feedback from both perspectives as we believe there is more to assessing counselling than can always be measured by even the best coding system.