We have streamlined our motivational interviewing training separating it into 3 steps to be taken in turn over any convenient period of time.Step 1 can be taken as a standalone introductory workshop. Each step works towards a final goal of the Advanced certificate of MI competence from the Gestalt Centre in London UK.

Step 1 is 2 days and may be accomplished with us or another provider

Step 2 is another 2 days and must be completed with us.

Step 3 is 3 days and only available to people with evidence of completing the first 2.

Standards for passing the certificate remain the same and will be maintained through using a combination of MITI coding and narrative assessment of recorded assignments.

Anyone beginning the programme with our first course of 2018 (March 6/7) can expect to complete the whole programme within 12 months. However if it should suit them better they could spread it over a couple or more years. There is no need to commit to more than one step at a time.

Let us know what you think!